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2022 Elections in Asia
2022 Elections in Asia

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

The year 2022 will see no less than 7 countries in Asia go to the polling booths to choose their local, state, and national leaders. In some countries the local elections will be a proving ground and dress rehearsal for progressive and social democratic parties to test whether they are able to consolidate their forces in regional areas and bailiwicks before the more decisive general elections.

In others, the election will determine the course of their country's progress and whether they are able to surmount populist and authoritarian forces.

Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic and the resurgence of authoritarianism in the region, SocDem Asia is hopeful that these elections will serve to emphasize the work that social democrats together with the working peoples of the region must commit to in order to strengthen our democracies and ensure that our countries are able to build a better and more progressive future.

2022 Election in India
2022 Election in Malaysia
2022 Election in Nepal
2022 Election in the Philippines
2022 Election in South Korea
2022 Election in Thailand
2022 Election in Timor Leste


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