Promoting Social Democratic Thinking, Alternatives and Practices

About Us

The Network of Social Democracy in Asia, also known as Socdem Asia, is a group of political parties, pre-party formations, and progressive politicians, scholars and activists in the region who share social democratic values and perspectives.

It aims to build social democratic alternative by deepening and broadening Asian discourse, offering and developing future-oriented policies, and showcasing best practices of Social Democratic parties, politicians and movements.

Socdem Asia is an associate network of the Progressive Alliance.

Regional Network Coverage

Regional Network Coverage: The network is composed of parties, think tanks/institutes, labour, academics, and young activists from 13 countries - Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Timor Leste.

The Network's Steering Committee is the body that provides agenda direction to the Network including key areas of work, activities and public communication. Members of the Network and participants in its consist of organizations who promote social democratic values and programs as well as those with social democratic wings/tendencies. Institutes, think tanks and policy makers working with social democratic actors are invited also invited to Network activities.


Having been formed in 2009, the Network has conducted a number of conferences, focusing on a range of issues such as global financial crisis, sustainable economic development, pension reforms, universal health care, and energy security, beginning with the first conference “Responding to a Systemic Crisis – Asian Social Democrats in Search of Policy and Practical Solutions,” which took place in Manila, Philippines in May 2009. The conference communiqué called on governments to focus their stimulus packages towards job-creation, improvement of social protection, addressing gender inequality and the embrace of the Decent Work Agenda.

More recently, since 2012, the Network has focused on the development of, among other things, a sustainable energy paradigm for the Asia-Pacific region, anchored by three major conferences in Mongolia, South Korea, and Japan, which brought together top experts, policy-makers, and political leaders to discuss the nuts and bolts of a progressive Energy Shift in the region.

The Network also held successful conferences centered on the Progressive Agenda on Social Issurance, Health, Education, Decent Work, Democracy and Development, Growth and Inclusion and Social ASEAN. Socdem Asia has a Political Programme that presents the principles and agenda of the Network.