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Young Progressives

Political Management Training for Young Progressives is an institutionalized regional program that capacitates its young, emerging leaders from its ranks with tools that aid and advance their political work. PMT asia, at the same time, consolidates these young leaders to help advance collective goals in the future under their progressive leadership. Progressive youth organizations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Timor Leste undergo a 10-day program distributed in two clusters within a school year.

Young progressives train for the challenge!

Young progressives from Asia gathered from October 29 – November 3 in Batangas, Philippines to gear up for the greater political challenges ahead.

SocDem Asia, in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Olof Palme International Center (OPIC) and Australian Labour International (ALI), trained young leaders through the second leg of the Political Management Training (PMT) 2.

In a time of shrinking democratic spaces in Asia, young political leaders gathered to discuss and learn skills on campaigning, negotiating and dealing with social issues in the region. The participants came from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Myanmar, and Thailand.

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Social Democracy in a time of Populism: from ripples to surges

On its third successive batch, the Network of Social Democracy in Asia’s (or SocDem Asia) Political Management Training brought together progressive young leaders from across Southeast Asia. The current batch is the largest and most diverse yet with participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor, Burma, Thailand, and the Philippines coming from the youth movement, political parties, art community and civil society. The first leg of the PMT was again held in Manila with the partnership of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Olof Palme International Center. With the usual pleasantries and camaraderie among the participants one would get the impression that progressives and social democrats are gaining the upper hand in Asia. However, step outside the conference room, Asian democrats and progressives are losing ground to fundamentalist and populist movements. Like their European counterparts, the Asian populist movements are competing with the established progressive, labor and democratic movements but with far better results. Populists are taking the reins of government.

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How to apply

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