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Young Progressives

Political Management Training for Young Progressives is an institutionalized regional program that capacitates its young, emerging leaders from its ranks with tools that aid and advance their political work. PMT asia, at the same time, consolidates these young leaders to help advance collective goals in the future under their progressive leadership. Progressive youth organizations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Timor Leste undergo a 10-day program distributed in two clusters within a school year.

SOCDEM Asia Conducts Training for Young Politicians in Southeast Asia

SOCDEM Asia gathered 20 young politicians from Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor Leste and the Philippines for Political Management Training. The program, in pilot run, was a 5-day training for young progressive leaders that aimed (1) to provide capacity-building training on political management for young progressives; (2) to provide a platform for sharing and shared-learning of young progressives in the region; (3) to provide a common venue to foster strategic connections among young progressives.

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Media Tool Kit for Young Progressives

Media and communications work can make or break a political or electoral campaign. Existing media institutions are  fast (and in this digital age, even instantaneous), effective, and cost-efficient channels for spreading information and  political messages by any interested party with the means and the energy, from global conglomerates or national  governments armed with public relations machineries to a smart-alecky teenager fueled by caffeine and hormones. 

An incisive article in a newspaper can lead to the collapse of a government. Video footage shown on TV or viewed  on Youtube can fuel public outrage that may lead to lawmakers enacting new laws or doing away with old ones.  Effective communications work can produce messages and symbols (e.g. meme, see below) that can consolidate  consensus for a particular political perspective, for example, rally public support for a politician or pillory a political  opponent.

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How to apply

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