Promoting Social Democratic Thinking, Alternatives and Practices


Conference “Gender Mainstreaming: Justice For All”

An event by our friends in Penang, Malaysia – the Good Governance and Gender Equality Society of Penang. Check out their website for more information.

Conference:Effecting Real Change in Local Governance: Perspectives for Social Democratic Policies

Date: 19 – 22 November 2009

Venue: Parkroyal, Penang, Malaysia

Draft ProgramDraft Program

The conference continues the process of strengthening political groups in the region committed to the basic values of social democracy that started with the first meeting of the network in Manila in May 2009. At the conference, an exchange and  identification of  local governance practices that both shape the approach to participatory politics and the delivery of services and public goods will describe the sessions.  Sharing on how these local governance practices  contribute to the building of progressive political parties along social-democratic lines will also be facilitated.