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Network for Social Democracy in Asia Activity Highlights 2017

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2017 has been another fruitful year for the Network of Social Democracy in Asia gathering board representatives of political parties, policy makers, academics and youth and women organizations in the different activities. It has been a year of developing new policies for parties at the national level on health, social inclusion, the peace process, and democratic reforms while at the regional level we facilitated important discussions on alternatives to social and ecological risks of rapid urbanization, and the rise of populism and authoritarianism. We prioritized building capacities for young leaders and youth organizations and aided sister parties as they embark on modernizing party structures and reach out to more people at the grassroots through new forms of campaigning and digital activism. Exchanges and cooperation with counterparts from all over Asia and around the world have been very encouraging and fruitful. Our solidarity comforts us in the struggle amid the growing threats to democracy and continued unfair economic growth that impoverishes our people. The valuable lessons, insights and interaction from the Socdem Asia program.