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A Social Democratic and Welfare State Antidote to the COVID Crisis

Socdem Asia Statement on the Corona-crisis

COVID-19 Pandemic exposes the crises of our healthcare system and economic system. Overwhelmed healthcare hospitals and healthcare facilities and the steep decline in economic output reveal a more troubling diagnosis of the global order. Decades of neoliberal policies has resulted in inequality in health services as manifested in privatized healthcare that offer the best medical treatments and services to those who can afford to pay while overworked and underfunded public health institutions cater to the poorer segments of society. For workers in the informal sectors, urban poor, peasants, and migrant labor, these public health services are their only recourse. Equally troubling is the lack of social security and safety nets for the majority of the working class also endangers not only their health but also their jobs and income. The existing precariousness of workers in highly contractual and irregular work rebranded as the “gig-economy” has fully materialized. Absent the protections of regular work and pay, union membership and unemployment benefits, such workers struggle to cope with the burden brought about by this pandemic. While the virus does not discriminate based on class, religion, sex and race, our societies acceptance and institutionalization of these ensure that the most vulnerable will be the most impacted by the pandemic while the most affluent will survive and flourish. 

The Network for Social Democracy in Asia joins the international community in extending our sympathies to those whose lives and families have been adversely affected by this pandemic. We also join the world in paying tribute to all health workers, security personnel and all workers who are working in the front lines and risking their health to slow the pandemic.

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Statement of the Future Forward Movement

The Future Forward has ceased to exist as a political party as a result of the verdict of the Thai Constitutional Court on February 21, 2020. The Future Forward Party has been dissolved but they cannot dissolve us, they cannot dissolve our ideology, they can never dissolve the will of the people. The former Future Forward Party Members of Parliament will continue to work in Parliament under the banner of a new political party. They will fulfill their mandates as representatives of Thai people pushing forward progressive agendas and seeing to it that our public policies are implemented.

The party may be dissolved but our political mission has yet to be realized. We wish to announce that the Future Forward party has now evolved into the “Future Forward Movement”, continuing to push forth progressive ideas, social campaigning and advocating for local elections. As long as the military junta is allowed to remain in power and extend its rule, the shrinking of democratic spaces in Thailand persists and therefore, our struggle continues. The formation of the Future Forward Party was meant to create and ensure a better future for Thai society and the dissolution of the party is undoubtedly a major set-back for pluralism in this country.

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Thailand Constitutional Court decision proves authoritarianism will brook no opposition

(The Network for Social Democracy in Asia's statement on the Constitutional Court of Thailand's decision to dissolve the Future Forward Party and to bar its leaders from participating in politics.)

The Network for Social Democracy in Asia deplores the decision taken by the Constitutional Court of Thailand to dissolve the Future Forward Party and to ban its leaders from participating in politics for 10 years. We stand in solidarity with the Future Forward Party, a member party of the network, in the face of this blatant repression.

This decision can only be construed in the context of the Military establishment’s tightening grip on power and their quest to quash any and all dissent. Now, the country’s military rulers have decided that even a severely restricted opposition party cannot be tolerated.

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