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Network for Social Democracy in Asia Activity Highlights 2018

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It was a dynamic and productive 2018 for the Network of Social Democracy in Asia (SocDem Asia). Last year, the network has delivered its line up of initiatives and introduced new activities all to further the social democratic agenda in the region.
We started the year with convening feminists from all over the region to determine progressive legislation for narrowing the gender gap. We held workshops for policy makers to create more inclusive economies, for parties to embark on more strategic and transformative campaigns, and for young progressives to tackle the bane of populism head on. We explored the possibility of an Asian social welfare model and introduced the essentials for catalytic projects. We built on the knowledge of young leaders from our member-parties and trained them to become skilled electoral campaigners. We welcomed new members to the SocDem Asia family.
It was a year of remarkable cooperation with our members and partners from Asia and beyond.  Let’s look back on the SocDem Asia highlights of 2018 as we welcome 2019 with renewed solidarity.