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Statement of the Future Forward Movement

The Future Forward has ceased to exist as a political party as a result of the verdict of the Thai Constitutional Court on February 21, 2020. The Future Forward Party has been dissolved but they cannot dissolve us, they cannot dissolve our ideology, they can never dissolve the will of the people. The former Future Forward Party Members of Parliament will continue to work in Parliament under the banner of a new political party. They will fulfill their mandates as representatives of Thai people pushing forward progressive agendas and seeing to it that our public policies are implemented.

The party may be dissolved but our political mission has yet to be realized. We wish to announce that the Future Forward party has now evolved into the “Future Forward Movement”, continuing to push forth progressive ideas, social campaigning and advocating for local elections. As long as the military junta is allowed to remain in power and extend its rule, the shrinking of democratic spaces in Thailand persists and therefore, our struggle continues. The formation of the Future Forward Party was meant to create and ensure a better future for Thai society and the dissolution of the party is undoubtedly a major set-back for pluralism in this country.

We are dismayed that the actions of those in power show a total disregard for the future of the people. However, as our work continues, we will carry on with our efforts to restore democracy and to bring back the rule of law to Thailand. We urge the international community to extend its support to our endeavors to promote democracy and pluralism, secure a public space for political freedom and dialogue and put an end to legal harassment that goes against principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in which Thailand is a state party.

The Future Forward is mindful of the fact that it was propelled to parliamentary power as a result of having received more than six million votes from the citizens of Thailand in the general elections held in March 2019. That became our mandate in steering Thailand towards a democratic transition after enduring so many years of electoral vacuum.

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