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International Workers' Day

This 1st May of 2021, SocDem Asia joins the world in honoring the working class who are building and healing our society today and who will create a better future for us all.

Political Management Training for Young Progressives (PMT)

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In the Political Management Training for Young Progressives (PMT),  young leaders collectively envision a future under their progressive leadership and are prepared to make it happen.

The program is conducted online and runs from June to September 2021. It offers four (4) modules spread over 4 months using synchronous and asynchronous learning sessions.

Applicants should be 18-35 years old; are nominated/endorsed by SocDem Asia member-parties and affiliates; and have previously attended national/basic trainings from their organizations.

See our course modules and Module 1 resource persons below!

Learn more and apply at https://www.socdemasia-app.com/apply/.

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Move Forward Party Leader Pita Limjaroenrat statement on ongoing crisis in Myanmar

View video - Move Forward Party Leader Pita Limjaroenrat statement on ongoing crisis in Myanmar

In an online address on April 22, Pita Limjaroenrat, a party-list MP and the Leader of the Move Forward Party, laid out his party’s vision for how ASEAN should respond to the crisis in Myanmar, while sending a clear message to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha in the lead up to Thailand’s participation in the upcoming ASEAN Leaders Summit in Jakarta on April 24.

“The world has watched, in horror, the events that have unfolded in Myanmar,” decried Mr. Pita, who remarked that over 700 civilians have been brutally murdered—50 of whom are children and one was as young as seven—and thousands have been detained or forced to disappear. The MFP leader sees this as a systematic campaign of heinous crimes waged by the Tatmadaw as it seeks to terrorize the people of Myanmar into submission.

“If nothing is done, thousands more could be slaughtered, hundreds of thousands could be displaced, and the ensuing humanitarian crisis would disrupt the entire region.” he added.

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