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Progressive Alliance and SocDem Asia Webinar on Resilient Democracies

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Democracies around the world are under pressure. The economic and socio-political performance of democracy has been challenged by right-wing populist movements and the mismanagement of several global crises. The future of social democracy depends in large part on how we can build together resilient, resistant and effective democracies, capable of facing the challenges of the future with our values?

The Progressive Alliance, in collaboration with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and in cooperation with the Network of Social Democracy in Asia (SocDem Asia), will address this question in this Asian leg of regional level debate with progressive personalities from the region and from various backgrounds, before presenting their results in November 2021 at the Global Progressive Forum conference.

Wednesday | 30 June 2021 | 16:00 GMT +8

Progressive Policymaking: Making Inclusive Public Policies at the National and Regional Level

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This course is part of the SocDem Asia Academy of Progressive Politics (SocDem APP) and is intended for new and aspiring policy makers, elected local and national parliamentarians from Socdem Asia member parties. It is designed to support capacity building for the fast growing membership of the Socdem Asia Parliamentarians Caucus, particularly in the topic of inclusive policy making.

Leading the discussions are Joy Aceron Convenor-Director of Government Watch, and Research Fellow at Accountability Research Center, and Aries Arugay, Professor of Political Science at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and Editor-in-Chief of Asian Policy and Politics.

22 May 2021
1.30- 4.30 pm New Delhi
1.45- 4.45 pm Kathmandu
2.30- 5.30 pm Yangon
3.00 - 6.00 pm Jakarta | Bangkok
4.00- 7.00 pm Kuala Lumpur | Manila | Ulaanbaatar
5.00- 8.00pm Dili



SocDem Asia Statement on the escalation of violence in the Middle East

SocDem Asia condemns the recent outbreak of violence in Palestine and Israel. We call for the immediate stop to the Israeli government and security forces attacks against Palestinian civilians and communities. We also demand an end to rocket attacks on Israeli territory. All military action on both sides must be stopped to peruse peace.
We also urge an immediate stop to forced eviction operations against Palestinian families in East Jerusalem and other areas. These actions constitute a violation of human rights.
Both sides must continue to pursue peace and reiterate their commitment to the Two-State solution and prior peace agreements.
We join international media and journalists’ groups in condemning the IDF's airstrike on an apartment building in Gaza City housing Al Jazeera, the Associated Press, and other media organizations' offices in the territory. Civilians should never be the target of military actions regardless of the military objective being pursued.
We urge an immediate end to all military actions and a return to the negotiating table. Both sides must work towards salvaging any chances of peace in the region. We stand with all progressive forces inside Palestine and Israel as they continue to fight for peace and human rights. Lastly, we call on athe leadership of all parties to desist from such actions that derail efforts to peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians.#