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An Economy for Progress and Justice

The challenge for progressives and social democrats is to craft (as thinkers), advocate (as civil society groups) and implement (as policy-makers) policies and initiatives that transcend conventional measurements of economic wellbeing by focusing on social justice and overall living standards.

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Socdem Asia Regional Conference on Re-imagining an Asian Social Welfare Model

The Socdem Asia Regional Conference on Reimagining an Asian Social Welfare Model, in partnership with the Danish Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Olof Palme International Center, and hosted by Akbayan (Citizen’s Action Party) in the Philippines, aims to set the tone and parameters for the process of collective re-imagining and visioning, regional and national policy development, and identifying a joint regional campaign.It will be participated by policy makers, leaders, and representatives from SocDem Asia member parties and organizations, as well as representatives from SDP and development partners.

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Asia-Pacific Campaign Forum

The Asia-Pacific Campaign Forum is a cooperation of the Australian Labor International and Socdem Asia. The forum is an opportunity for progressive parties to come together and share their experiences, ideas and challenges with like-minded participants from other parties in the region.