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Latest Events

ASETUC Online Academy Workshop

ASETUC online academy is a followed-up project from the Regional “Train the trainers” workshop and “National Advocacy Seminar” in ASEAN countries, initiating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. This is the online training platform reaching out to the majority of trade unionists coming from affiliated or partner unions with ASETUC in the region across services sectors, especially finance, telecom, construction & healthcare.

Preparatory Network Meeting, March 4-5th, 2009

On March 4th and 5th 2009 about 20 representatives of social democratic parties, pre-parties and fraternal organisations from Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Europe met in Jakarta/Indonesia

  1. to discuss the global financial and economic crisis on Southeast Asia
  2. to consider the possible setting up of a “Network of Social Democratic Parties and Movements in Southeast Asia”
  3. to discuss a list of priority issues and an eventual agenda for further proceedings of such a Network;

In addition you can download the summary of the meeting and the presentation of Martin Manurung on the economic-crisis.