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SocDem Asia Webinar Series: Building the Momentum of Change

 "Now, in the middle of a global pandemic, organizing masses of volunteers virtually isn’t just an ingredient to winning progressive victories: it’s the recipe."

Emily Isaac, Sophie Lasoff, Claire Wyatt, Kohlee Kennedy, Hannah Bauman, and Shana Gallagher, 2020, "Taking on Trump and Beyond: Learnings from Bernie 2020 National Organizing Staff"


We talk with the former members of the Bernie Sanders for President 2020 National Organizing Staff on how progressives and their organizations can maintain their campaigns for social transformation and substantive change. We look at the Bernie campaign's "distributed organizing" model and the need for mobilizing a strong grass-roots volunteer organization to address the present health, economic, political, and social crises and reflect on the recipes for winning power for the people.

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