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SocDem APP Executive Course I: Polling, Data Analysis, and Political Communications

This year’s Socdem App first Executive Course aims to contribute to the continuing learning and expansion of bench of political party communications officers and campaigners in the Asian region by equipping them with the latest tools and skills on campaign anchored on data, progressive messaging and sound strategies. The participants, communications officers, strategists, and campaign managers of their respective parties, will learn from the veterans of political campaigns some of the elements needed to build a good campaign strategy particularly in the field of political communications.

They will learn from experts on the mastery of message development and branding and new trends in communications. Also part of the training is proper collection and analysis of polling data that can be used for political campaigns.  managing data.

Also, the course will delve into the particulars of managing candidates, building up their brand, and developing the proper messaging to suit that brand. This entails looking into how political parties and progressive politicians handle political crisis, how to develop their messaging to address attacks and minimize damage from the same.