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Conference on Social Consensus Toward Transformation Working Group Meeting on Deepening Democracy

Socdem Asia views the regional shrinking space as a crucial situation that should be abated and overcome. To do this, it seeks to develop policies to address the shrinking space, build on the capacities and capabilities of young people and women, and also ally with other parties and organizations to build a strong movement able to provide an alternative and contest the erosion of democratic values in the region. Socdem Asia envisions to partner with reform-oriented parties in Southeast Asia and build on where our ideals meet: democracy and human rights. Building coalitions among democratic political parties in the region is vital in addressing likewise regional shrinking space. Confidence-building measures to stoke alliances as well as crafting a unified narrative will be advantageous to the programme of pushing back on the populist and authoritarian propaganda.

The activity seeks to contribute in building alliances, exchanges, and knowledge-sharing among democratic parties and civil societies in the region that can be sustained.