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The Network for Social Democracy in Asia- Academy of Progressive Politics (Socdem APP)

Asia’s huge democratic potential has largely been unrealized. Despite most Asian countries now moving towards the direction of electoral democracy, an entrenched social and political culture has marginalized the majority of the peoples in Asia from governance and the economy. Progressive movements, political parties and activists have made huge inroads for democratic reforms. The recent victory of the multi-racial democratic opposition in Malaysia has opened the democratic space in that country. Likewise, the election of a reformist president in South Korea has made peace in the peninsula a possibility. However, major challenges remain and new threats are on the horizon.

Inequality continues to plague the region. Neo-liberal economics, which created these conditions, remains the prevailing consensus. These existing problems have also posed as opportunities for authoritarian populists to enter mainstream politics and use the feeling of dissatisfaction against democratic institutions.

Given these conditions, social democrats and progressives in the region must be equipped with the skills of day-to-day politics to navigate these challenges. Moreover, reform work must be reinforced by modern techniques to cope with the ever-changing political landscape. To be able to influence public discourse and institutions, social democrats and progressives should be able to build capacities on public policy, political communications, and strategy development.

The Network for Social Democracy in Asia- Academy of Progressive Politics (Socdem APP) addresses these concerns by providing progressives with a comprehensive political training program. The Socdem APP is designed by political advisors, campaign managers, industry pratitioners, and veteran politicians from the different trainings of Socdem Asia in the past 5 years.  Its courses and materials are timely, dynamic, and practicable.