womenAs we celebrate International Women’s Day, women across Asia continue to struggle under the economic, social and political conditions and institutions that have placed them as second-class citizens in their countries. Celebrating Women’s Day is recognition of past achievements and present battles. Progress for women’s rights varies across the continent. Each country has a different set of challenges for women to overcome. However, the existing institutions of economic, social, cultural and political order are still tilted against women. That is true for all Asian women.

 Asian women and their allies are persistently campaigning to upend and alter the laws, customs, and policies that prevent the full realization of their capacity as equal members of society. As we speak, numerous activists are working to close the gender pay gap and end the barriers to women’s participation in the workplace and the economy, fighting the scourge of violence against women and children, advancing the right policies to encourage and increase women’s participation in politics and governance, guaranteeing women’s reproductive health and rights, and much more.

We as progressives and social democrats in SocDem Asia believe that the success of women’s rights is part and parcel of our vision of a progressive and inclusive Asia. Advancing and securing women’s rights is not just non-negotiable but essential to any kind of progress in Asia. The role of women at the front, center and back of our campaigns and struggles is beyond question.  Asian women today lead in fighting for labor rights, promoting renewable and clean energy while fighting climate change, speaking out for human rights, battling repressive leaders and speaking truth to power.

Despite the challenges women face from laws that restrict their movement to political leaders who are unrepentantly misogynist, from barriers to work to policies that seek to control their sexual and reproductive rights, women are still fighting back. This Women’s Day not only do we wish to recognize the bravery of millions of women who are struggling, often silently, against a society, economy, culture and governments which often ranges from indifferent to hostile to their rights but we also aspire to emulate such bravery.


Deadline for Submission: March 27, 2017
Training Dates:  PMT 1 - May 12-16, 2017 || PMT 2 – October 28- November 4, 2017

Download PMT application Form

The Network for Social Democracy in Asia is now calling for applications for the new batch of Political Management Training for Young Progressives, an institutionalized regional program that capacitates its young, emerging leaders from its ranks with tools that aid and advance their political work.  Our network's training program also seeks to consolidate these young leaders to help advance collective goals in the future under their progressive leadership.

· Develop knowledge and skills of and promote social democratic values to young progressive leaders in the region;

· Provide a platform where the young progressive leaders can network and build relations with like-minded individuals;

· Impart appreciation of cross-country issues and/or agenda affecting the region today;

· Incubate collective action or project which the young leaders can share among themselves and to their organizations
Criteria for Participants

Ø  Social democratic, socialist & progressive young leaders in Southeast Asian political parties and organizations

Ø  Have attended national/advanced trainings from their organizations

Ø  20-35 years old

Ø  50-50 gender quota

Ø  Endorsed by their organization and by SOCDEM Asia members

Ø  Must commit to 2 consecutive trainings and assignments in between

Ø  Can speak basic conversational English

The first cluster will be on the May 12-16, 2017 and the second one will be on October 28-November 4, 2017.  All participants of the PMT are expected to be able to travel and commit to attend on the said dates.


Requirements and Procedures

A qualified participant must in the training must submit the following documents on or before March 27, 2017:

·    Filled out application form  (attached in this email)

·    Curriculum vitae

·    Letter of Intent in joining the training program (150 words, in English; format will be provided)

·    Signed Endorsement Form from their organization

·    Interview

Applications per country are to be screened by SOCDEM Asia training group. Applicants will be chosen from among 10 nominations per country. Only 24 or 26 will be chosen to participate in the 2 SOCDEM Asia trainings each year.

003The Network of Social Democracy in Asia (Socdem Asia) provides a platform for developing progressive discourse and deepening the practice of democratic values amongst sister political parties, progressive politicians, academicians and activists within the region. Regular regional conferences are convened to discuss pressing crosscutting issues and develop alternative and progressive policies. Exchanges among member parties and organizations also a happen at the country level through various political programs and a variety of tailor-suited training workshops depending on the needs of a particular sister political organization.


Through SOCDEM Asia, member parties Akbayan Citizens Action Party (AKBAYAN) -Philippines, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) - Malaysia and Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente (FRETILIN) have teamed-up for a series of experience exchange and capacity building trainings for Juventud Fretilin leaders, and the education committee members of the women wing and members of the Party.  This collaboration aims to further develop the FRETILIN Party and its youth wing’s education and training program.



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