003The Network of Social Democracy in Asia (Socdem Asia) provides a platform for developing progressive discourse and deepening the practice of democratic values amongst sister political parties, progressive politicians, academicians and activists within the region. Regular regional conferences are convened to discuss pressing crosscutting issues and develop alternative and progressive policies. Exchanges among member parties and organizations also a happen at the country level through various political programs and a variety of tailor-suited training workshops depending on the needs of a particular sister political organization.


Through SOCDEM Asia, member parties Akbayan Citizens Action Party (AKBAYAN) -Philippines, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) - Malaysia and Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente (FRETILIN) have teamed-up for a series of experience exchange and capacity building trainings for Juventud Fretilin leaders, and the education committee members of the women wing and members of the Party.  This collaboration aims to further develop the FRETILIN Party and its youth wing’s education and training program.



socdem asia logo newFollowing in the footsteps of years of dynamism and productivity, 2016 saw Socdem Asia spearheading various activities and publications with a focus on grassroots democracy in Asia, energy security, gender equality, and building open and safe societies in an age of terror and strongman populism. The year saw Socdem Asia organizing major events, which gathered leading progressive thinkers and activists from the Asian region and beyond. This year also had focused on capacitating activists at different level on campaigning, political management and inclusive policy development work. Without a question, the year was a difficult one for progressives around the world owing to the electoral victory of anti-democratic forces, rise in xenophobia, and precipitous decline for progressive, democratic values around the world. It also saw renewed challenges to freedom and democracy across Asia. And this is precisely why Socdem Asia’s activities this year were filled a larger-than-usual sense of duty and urgency.

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“A Social Democratic Asia: Strengthening Inclusive Policy Formulation” a regional partnership project between SocDem Asia and the Danish Social Democratic Party (SDP) was formally launched in Kathmandu, Nepal on the 28th of August 2016.


The project, supported through the Danish Institute of Parties and Democracy (DIPD), intends to develop national programme papers in pilot countries to concretize SocDem Asia’s regional policy proposals developed in its thematic conferences for the past 7 years. In the process, the project aims to contribute to further strengthening the practice of internal democracy in partner parties, consultations with stakeholders, and people’s participation in policy making and development.


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